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Authors' Fiction Factory 

Got an impulse buy cover that you need a concept for? Or a story of your heart that just won’t fit easily into a blurb? I got you. As an indie author myself, I’ve been there and I’d love to help wrangle your concepts, blurbs, and stories.


FIRST TIME CLIENT SPECIAL: one blurb for $25 and two for $40

Blurbs are short ad copy about your book that generally goes on the back cover of a paperback, or on the sales page of your preferred retailer. I offer a survey form for information about your book, and have a speedy turnaround time. I want you to be happy with the product!

Regular prices:

One Blurb for $50

Two Blurbs for $80

“Awesome service. Helps me get a killer blurb every time. I like shorter, more punchier blurbs and I’ve never been steered wrong.Fast and accurate service, friendly and amazing value. I highly recommend.” – Melissa Adams

“Professional and efficient, but worked hard to understand my story concept to give me the best blurb!” – Emmy Dee

“(Author’s Fiction Factory) has written three blurbs for me. All amazing! Why write my own blurbs anymore? Hers sell books.” – Tara West



Concepts are starting ideas for books or series. If you have a cover that you bought, but don’t quite have a story for it yet, feel free to ask me to concept it.

One concept is $30

A trilogy concept is $75

“Got a fabulous series concept organized for me to help get the juices and the excitement flowing on a set of covers I bought months ago! I wasn’t sure how to structure the series, and now I can’t wait to write them all!” – Corinne O’Flynn


Find me on my Facebook page for more information. 

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